A Bird is Not a Stone is reprinting…

It’s true! After just three months, the initial print run of 1200 copies has already sold out, and Freight Books are sending A Bird is Not a Stone off to re-print. We may be a wee bit biased, but here in the Birdsnest we reckon that sending that many copies of a poetry book – and a book of translated poetry, where some of the translations are into ‘minority’ languages such as Gaelic and Shetlandic – out into the world is a terrific achievement. Which means we want to say a HUGE thank-you to everyone who has bought the book, blogged about it, come to our events, donated to the Kickstarter appeal, hosted our recent tour (or is planning to host future events), or done anything else to help this anthology on its way. And if you were wanting to get hold of a copy… you’ll just have to hold your breath for an extra week or two!

One response to “A Bird is Not a Stone is reprinting…

  1. this indeed gives me hope for Palestine and for poetry, well done! Am in awe of you all for this tremendous effort.

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